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TPD - ***&&&%$§&/).

The 20th may 2017 is a black-day for many vapers in Europe.

We want to tell you about all the changes.

After 20th may 2017 we can only sell only such products with nicotine, which have not more than 20 mg/ml nicotine (2%) and in bottles of not more than 10 ml.


All nicotine-free products (PG, VG, flavours) will stay as they are.

Cause we are selling liquids, bases and flavours we had to be tricky ;). We decided to sell only nicotine-free liquids (the certification costs just too much), but we will offer more different bases.

Here are our TPD-2 nic-shots.


3 mg

6 mg

12 mg

20 mg

30 PG / 70 VG





50 PG / 50 VG





70 PG / 30 VG





100% PG





That's are the popular bases of our customers.

Now you ask us - how should we handle it?

You have 3 options.

Option 1 - You are buying the base, that yoou have always used (f.e. 3 mg 30 PG 70 VG) - but you will have more bottles at home. Or you can add 0,4-0,5 ml of our flavour just directly in the bottle with you nic-shot.

Option 2 - You can buy nic-free liquid and add an nic-shot to it. For example you have 30 ml of nic-free liquid, you will add 10 ml of 12 mg nic-shot and you will recieve 40 ml of 3-mg e-juice.

Option 3 - You can buy 20 mg nic-shot and put it down to your strength.


So it's not a big change for a vaper (only maybe for a newbee, but you have us - ask us ;).

Here you have a example.

You are vaping 3 mg, and you want to make 50 ml of liquid.

It means you need 3*50= 150 mg nic.

In 1 ml 20 mg nic-shot you have 20 mg of nic, so you will need 150/20= 7,5 ml of 20 mg nic-shot.

The rest (42,5 ml) are 0-mg base and flavour.

We wish you much fun with mixing and vaping, ceep calm and vape on - and if you have questions - just ask us, we have a very good support.


Your Liquid-Labor